Bigrevhealth advice and tips for revolutionary health.New age supplements for a healthy lifestyle and fitness. The best nutritional supplements in the world for optimal health, performance and recovery are searched for by many people. It is your life, your health, so do it your way.

As a Master Healer for many years I have seen many families and people that have suffered. Physiology conditions, soft tissue damage to scarring and arthritis all the way up to broken bones and metal plates and screws in their bodies. Many of these people had promising careers in athletics sports and other fields. But when they came to me they felt defeated and broken. There are many stories about the drugs given by their doctors. I can tell you that I have seen these people recover their lives and come back better in some cases. This has made me realize that I have only helped a small portion of people suffering from those same things. My goal here today is to reach out to you so I  can help you understand that there are other ways, healthier ways, to heal you. Other than the drugs doctors supply you that do not treat your injuries. I will be giving you the tips and advice that will help you recover from an injury such as Broken Bones and Open Wounds, Recovery and Prevention of Conditions and Ailments such as Menieres,  Chrones,Arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc..and recovery from Pharmacy drug trauma,  thus leading to a healthier more productive life. Food Matters, Go Raw!


  • Have you ever been told by a doctor that you have to remain on drugs because your back is shot or your injury is so bad?
  • Have you been told that you must stay on drugs because you have been told you have an incurable disease?
  • Are you tired of paying for medications with no result?
  • Do you wish those aches and pains would go?
  • Would like your mobility back?

The buck stops here. If your body has a condition, it has a deficiency. this will remain so, until the cells of your body are supplied with the tools/ nutrients to repair them. If you have had a limb removed/ torn off ,it is gone. But the rest of your body can be in excellent health.  Spend a couple of minutes watching below and it it can save reams of wasted time in appointments, travel and despair for you and your loved ones. Be sceptical, get opinions ( not too many) then get on with your life .  The blog to your left is for questions, answers or constructive discussion. Choices.Choose wisely.

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The best nutritional supplements in the world for optimal health, performance and recovery are searched for by many people. People from all walks of life worldwide. From the young to those of a more mature age seeking a healthy lifestyle, or recovery from injury or maintaining optimum health. Vita- antioxidants ,multi minerals, nutritional optimizers and macro nutritional supplements.

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